What's Important To You?

There are moments in life that we cherish, whether they be our first day at school, our graduation, or even our wedding day. They're all cherished moments that we hang on to. My question is what is important to you? What in your life has your attention, where is your focus?

These are questions that every person should ask themselves, but why? The simple answer is that if something like money, or power has our attention, then we are missing lifes great moments. I know, I've been such a person. There have been times in my past when I've sought my own agenda, and didn't care who I hurt to get my way. Thankfully God saved me from myself, and helped me recieve new life. 

What's important to us also identfies what's in our hearts. For me it's my God who is number one in my life, and He is followed by my family, and friends. The moments I cherish are the ones I get to spend with Him, and with my family. Those beautiful sunny, cool days are day's that I get to see the beauty of His creation. 

Perhaps you're not like me and you don't believe in God, maybe you think the idea of God to be laughable. Well let me ask you something, do you trust in something? Sure you do, we all do. Money, self, government, job, karma, evolution, these are all things that people put their trust in. I'm not telling you this because I want you to become a Christian, it would be nice, but I'm trying to speak to someone, the one who's listening. The one who sees a post like this and actually considers the point that's being made. If that's you then God Bless you. If not, then please put your trust in something, something that will motivate you.  Something that keeps you from missing those important moments.

There is nothing more important than salvation for a human soul. No matter how damaged you are, or what you have done, God loves you. He want's to see you succeed in the plan He has for your life. For Him, you are important. You are the person that has His attention and focus. The perfect Father.

This is me telling a story, the story of truth. This is true for me, maybe not for you but for some. God bless you, and I pray that He touches you're heart. I leave you with this:  "For as he thinks in his heart, so is he" - Proverbs 23:7

- Mike Copeland