Ever have those moments in life when you just want a restart? When all your efforts seem to have gone nowhere and you feel that if you could just start over things would be okay? That's what this is, a restart. I've done many things in the last decade of my life, and I've overcome numerous obstacles. Now I want to recommit myself to my blog and my online presence.  

I began blogging in November of 2006 with my first post talking about the PlayStation 3 and my second about the Nintendo Wii. From then I tried to post on a daily schedule, which lead to twice a week post, followed by weekly. You get the point, as time went on my life was getting more complicated. My move from Florida to Houston in 2009 for example was one such hurdle.  

Websites and Names Through The Years

I used numerous sites over the years for my blogs. The first was my Live Spaces blog (a social site Microsoft had back in the day before it was retired some time later), then MySpace which was used for quite some time before I used WordPress, Freewebs, Facebook, and Geeks the social site created by Chris Pirillo. 

In 2009 I began using my own site through SquareSpace of course, but with my own domain, which was just my really goofy way of being the outsider. I used the handle Redeye 365 for awhile and merged it with my tecnicle name creating TecnicRedEye. Again childish of me back then, but I was going through a phase. 

Times change and so do I, and as time went on I moved to another domain. The beginnings of RetroGamerGeek. My post and my activities began to deal more with technology and I had become a retro game collector. So I wanted to fuse the two together through which never happened because the moment I announced it in 2012 I began to pull away from the site, which is still active.  

Now the present day, This site is more personal to me, I mean it does carry my name. The post I originally made here were about Windows 8 before it launched, my views on 8 remain largely unchanged. These days I'm on the Mac and largely am an Apple user, a far cry from the avid Microsoft user and enthusiast I was back in the day. Right now this site serves two purposes one sharing my life through post like this, and sharing my faith through my post on various topics. 

Pirillo Community 

I was a member of Chris Pirillo's community for sometime before I realized that the majority of his community was full of a bunch of narcissistic knowitalls. Chris is cool but his community back then was somewhat unpleasant. I'm currently supporting Pirillo through Patreon so do understand that I do like the guy and his content. I'm not sure how much things have changed with the Vlogs now but I'm sure the community has somewhat peaked or mellowed.

Getting Back Into The Mix

A lot has changed over the years since I began voicing myself online. The issue is that I've always been hesitant to express my true feelings for things online. That's all changed since I've stopped caring what other people think, it's my site, and it's my content. I don't use profanity, I don't do things I'm not comfortable with, and I don't post things that are inappropriate. I like to keep things clean. Now my friend Cedric on the other hand, thats another story lol.

I'm just starting to get myself situated. At the moment I'm preparing for our church's third year anniversary and it's the time of year that uses a lot of my time. I'm really excited to be part of this event for the third year in a row, and I'm looking forward to the forth. Once the anniversary is over I'll have much more time to lay out an agenda for myself. I hope to start a community that I'm able to engage with. Perhaps even find like minded people that I can associate with. Whatever happens, happens. I'm looking forward to it.